Monday, September 2, 2013

Adagio Tea, The Plastic Chair, and Other Randomness

Hey Guys,

So today, I don't really know what I am going to talk about, so I'm just going to talk about a lot of random stuff  :P  So bear with me :)

First I'm going to start with a story.  It's about a Chair.  So last Wednesday was my first day of College (ever!).  So, I show up for class, and everyone was waiting outside.  Little did we know that the class had started without us.  Finally the professor came and got us, and we were all embarrassed and stuff because we all looked like idiots to our Professor (which kind of sucked).  Luckily, it was the first day, and at COC all of my professors are all chill about the first day of classes (which rocks!).

Since it's a Cinema class, we have movie theater seating (sort of) except our chairs are really uncomfortable.  They are kind of sunken into the ground, and for some reason, just LOOKING at them made me feel all claustrophobic and stuff.  Luckily, it's a HUGE class.  There were over 100 people there (I think he said 112 or something?). But the great thing was, there weren't enough seats for everyone to sit in the claustrophobic movie theater chairs.  So the first thing I did was made a beeline for the stack of plastic chairs in the back.

Professor:  I would like everyone to fill up the permanent seats before we take out the extra chairs.

Me: (mentally) Darn it!

So I waited in the back of the class while all of the seats got filled up.  Finally, the last guy with a backpack made his way into the last oddly claustrophobic chair.  I went straight for the plastic chairs and set one down.  You wouldn't think that a plastic chair would be comfortable, but this one was!  I think I'm going to use this strategy  next Wednesday too...

I promised Adagio tea in the title of my post, so I guess I'll ramble on about how great Tea is for awhile :)

I'm a really hyper person.  Just ask my best friend ;)  So, I can't drink coffee.  Whenever I drink coffee, the caffeine makes me so crazy that everyone in the room immediately hates me (plus the fact that I feel just really really weird when I drink coffee)  So I drink Tea.  But I'm really really picky about tea.  I don't like bitter tea at all.  Teabag stuff is just really gross to me (I know, I'm REALLY picky).  So I drink Adagio tea.  During the summer, drinking their iced tea is like the best thing in the world.  They have all sorts of awesome flavors.  Like Blueberry!

So, I'm bored of talking now, so, maybe I'll post about something less stupid tomorrow (or not, because I'm stupid and procrastinated ALL of my homework so I really should do that...)

Charlotte :)

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