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Hi Everyone!
My name is Charlotte, and I am a college student who loves to write.  I have been writing novels ever since I was 11 years old, (Closely Knit).  I live in an isolated mountain town in Central California, and have six cats. Yep...six.  My cat Licorice deserves credit for writing motivation, he's big and fluffy and amazing, and curls up next to me when I write.  Any cats in my novels are almost always inspired by him somehow.  I am also the author of A Cheesy Detective Tail, a short novel about squirrel detectives (the sequel is being edited currently!).  Most of my novels up to this point have been under 25K (All in all, I have written about seven, but only two so far have been published) but I have just started a much larger project (more on that later!)  I hope you enjoy my blog!
Charlotte :)

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