Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shelf Tour: September 2013

Sooooo, now that my bookshelves are full (which means that I now have to go out and buy more or get my dad to help me build some...) I thought that I should do a shelf tour!  Partly because I really want to show off my pretty books :)  Just so you know, my pictures were taken with my phone, and by me (because my photography savvy sister was not around) which means that they are blurry, so please don't comment "hey, your pictures are blurry" because I know they are.

So, this is my above shelf shelf.  It's mostly composed of nice books and old books that my grandparents passed down to me.  And of course the few dvds I own.
Next up, is shelf two.  This consists mostly of classics.
This is half of a shelf.  For some reason, this shelf in particular has these weird wooden dividers which are a pain and take up much needed book space!  Anyway, as you can see, this is classics spilling over into mystery.
And after the mystery ends...all organization is lost for the rest of this book case :p  because I'm lazy.  And yes, that is a boy scout handbook.  It lying around my grandpa's house and I was bored so I picked it up, and then he saw me with it and offered it to me, and I can't refuse books of any kind so I ended up adopting it.  Also, the white book next to Dragon Spear IS in fact William Shakespeare's Star Wars.  Go buy it.  Now.
This half of shelf number four (if you include the top portion of this bookcase as a shelf) includes my guilty pleasure series (mother daughter bookclub, yes it's for 9 year old girls, but gosh it's good!) a splattering of genre right in the middle, and then some Roald Dahl at the end of this half.
Some more little kid girly books by E.D. Baker this time, some stuff I wrote, and other stuff for the last half of shelf 4.
If you're wondering why I have SO MUCH younger age fiction, it's because I have kept ALL of my books.  I'm not a book hoarder though, I'm just a librarian...
We now reach the end of Bookcase number 1.  Onto the next!
This bookcase is taller than my other one, but it's much thinner.  There are no two pictures to a shelf for this case :)  This time, I'm starting from the bottom up.  Harry Potter, and Elizabeth Wein's World War II historical fiction on this shelf.
I stuck all my paranormal romance on one shelf, because this is really all I have.  Twilight is only here because I bought it at goodwill for 12 bucks for the hardcover boxed set of first editions.  I only bought them because my library didn't have them and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I do not like them, but I'm holding onto them because since they are first edition hardcovers, they might just be worth something someday!  Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series is at the right of this shelf.  Sadly, since the two I own were used copies on amazon, only one came with a dust jacket :(  It's a pity, because I actually LIKE this series...
This shelf is disorganized, but includes some of my favorite books :)  Rainbow Rowell is the best guys!
This bookcase only has Teen lit, except for the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch, which I think really should be for teens since it's complex and amazing!  I love this series... 
This shelf contains great books :)  Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Series is my favorite of this shelf, closely followed by the Divergent trilogy, then Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, then The Hunger Games :)
Curse this heating vent!  It prevents me from utilizing the top of this bookcase as well.  I'm paranoid about my books getting burned :( 
So, there you have it.  My bookshelves are maxed out.   So of course, guess what I did this morning....Amazon!!!  I ordered three new books!  Next Tuesday (or sometime around next Tuesday!)  I'll reveal the books I purchased, until then, you can let the suspense get to you :)

Also, I've begun plotting my nanowrimo novel!  I'm not sure if the one I plotted part of today is THE ONE but I really like this one so far.  I refuse to divulge the plot so far, but I'll tell you three things about this book:

1. The main character is named Tabitha Claire Lockwood.  She has raven black hair and pale skin with freckles sprayed across her nose.  She has brown eyes and is 5'8"

2: Her grandparents own a bookstore/cafe called Lockwood's Tea and Tomes.  Pretty great, huh?

3. There are no sparkly vampires in it.

Anyway, here's another picture because I like this picture...

SSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  This is why I just bought three more books...
Bye guys :)

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