Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Hi Guys!
Today I'm going to write a book review of Rainbow Rowell's newest book: Fangirl.

Fangirl is about a girl named Cath (short for Cather) who is, you guessed it, a fangirl.  She and her twin sister Wren (get it, Cather, Wren, Catherine?)  threw themselves into the fandom of Simon Snow (basically Harry Potter) when their mom left them.  The book details how Cath gets through her first year of college.  She's an English major, but mostly just loves writing Simon Snow fanfiction.  For the first time ever, her sister doesn't want to share a room with her, and doesn't really want anything to do with her.  Cath has to go through this first year of college alone.  Except, she isn't really alone.  She has her huge following of avid fanfiction readers (because she's a super popular fanfiction author) and she soon makes friends with her roommate, Reagan, and her roommate's boyfriend Levi.  She also meets a boy named Nick in her creative writing class who she hangs out at the library with.

Sounds pretty great, huh?  I sure thought so when I saw this book on Goodreads...For the record, this is the first book I ever bought in the bookstore on the day it came out.  Usually I just preorder on Amazon.  This book was amazing.  I gave it five stars on my goodreads account.  Rainbow Rowell does a really good job detailing what it's like to start college for the first year, and she does a really good portrayal of a character with an anxiety/panic disorder (something you don't see a lot in modern teen literature).  Guys, if you haven't read this book, go read it.  Now.  Go on, don't hesitate, 'cause you're missing out big time.

AND ON TOP OF IT ALL, THIS BOOK HAS THE MOST ADORABLY CUTE COVER EVER!!!!  I'd say it's even cuter than Eleanor and Park (which was REALLY cute, and subsequently done by the same artist).

Also, on another note, if you have a book you want me to read/review/whatever, just comment suggestions below and I might do it.  I just absolutely refuse to read anything by Nicholas Sparks, or any harlequin romance type novels, or anything super violent or sexual.  So...if your recommendation meets my requirements, I'll look into it :)
See ya,
Charlotte :)

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