Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Shopping!!!

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm in a really good mood, because I got to go to Barnes and Noble for three hours :D  I bought two books while I was there, because I have no restraint and I can't go to Barnes and Noble and walk out without anything.  That store is dangerous for me, the way the mall is dangerous to some of my friends...

Anyway, the first book I bought is called Every Day, by David Levithan.  This book sounds really awesome, and I can't wait to read it!  It's about a boy who wakes up in a different body every day.  One day, he wakes up in the body of this girl's boyfriend.  He spends the day with her, and ends up falling in love with her.  He then tries to find her every day after that.  It sounds like a really cool, sweet book :)
Isn't the cover cool????
The next book I bought was totally on impulse, without having heard anything about it previously.  It's called Secret Letters, by Leah Scheier.  It's about a girl named Dora Joyce who is supposedly the biological daughter of Sherlock Holmes.  When a scandal threatens to arise within her family, Dora grabs the opportunity to travel to England and request the help of Sherlock Holmes.  To her dismay however, he is dead.  From what I can glean from the back cover, she ends up solving the mystery (which ends up being much more than just a scandal) along with a male detective (please oh please don't let this be insta-love).  I really hope that this is good, because I really really love Sherlock Holmes, and classic lit fanfiction novels are some of my favorites when they are done right!
Regardless of how the book ends up turning out, I will always be totally in love with this gorgeous cover!
I also got this cool little booklet thing (for free, can't beat the price!) called The Path to Allegiant.  It includes a bunch of Allegiant quotes, and being the Divergent Fangirl that I am, this made me VERY happy :D  Now my only problem is that I can't decide whether to tear out the quotes and hang them on my wall, or to keep it because it might be worth something in ten years...

Thanks for looking at my random writings!
Charlotte :)

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