Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Amazon Bargain Book Haul: With pictures (lots and lots of pictures!)

Hi Guys,

So Today, I went a LITTLE overboard with the pictures...

I really really wanted you guys to feel like you were part of my online book-buying experience (even though most of you probably couldn't care less).  And no, I didn't take screenshots of my actual PURCHASE of these three books...

Although that's actually a pretty sweet idea...

Anyway, so for some reason, even though I ordered all three at the exact same time, the first book I ordered took a day longer than the other two to arrive, which  was sad, but it meant I got two packages so...that's a win?

I took pictures of the boxes guys...

Here's the first box!  Ohhh the suspense! 
It's open guys...not much longer until you see what I bought!
And the First Book is...The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey!
 I'm super excited about this one!  I've been hearing nothing but good things about it ever since it came out.  And it's on my goodreads recommendations shelves, so that's a plus.  And the premise is really cool; Alien Invasion, not something you see a lot in YA lit this days.

Number 2 is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
 This one is also on my goodreads recommendations shelves, and has been for a while.  Another really interesting premise.  From what I can glean from goodreads and the back cover, Shadow and Bone is a fantasy novel set in Dystopian Russia.  Another really interesting and innovative plot!  Add to that the fact that on Amazon, this was $7.20 for a HARDCOVER and I was SOOOOOO sold on this book...

Here's package number two!

Princess Ben, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
 So I recently read Wisdom's Kiss by the same author.  I really liked that one.  I thought it was really cool...and then I found out that it was a sequel of sorts to this book.  New on Amazon, I paid $3.78 for the paperback, so I HAD to buy it.  I just had to...

Overall Pile
 I am exploding with giddiness over these books!  Can't wait to start reading!!!!!

This picture describes my feelings PERFECTLY!
On another note; I read Neil Gaiman's newest kids' book today while at Barnes and Noble.  Fortunately, the Milk is so adorable I wanted to burst!  It was a kids' book, but had really funny references, and strikes me as a book enjoyable for all ages.  And there were plastic LAWN FLAMINGOS!!!  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!  For the record, I never, ever say OMG if I can help it, but this book deserved such a fangirly moment...really really good!

Thanks for suffering through yet another of my pointless posts about books!

Charlotte :)